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    Emergency Life Key

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    The Best Tool to Escape from Emergency Situations

    Our safety tool is an emergency tool that helps you escape from your car instantly in emergencies. It is a small tool that combines both cutting the seatbelts and breaking the window when the doors are completely locked.

    2-in-1 Multifunctional Emergency Tool

    It can break the car’s window in 1 second and cut seatbelts open instantly. It is an essential tool to help you escape from emergencies!

    Portable & Space Saving

    Small in design to make it easy to carry around or put in your car. It can fit into pockets, wallets, and key chains, or you can attach it to your vehicle with double-sided tape.

    One Button Design for Easy Use

    Designed to help you escape your car in emergencies, it can be used easily with just one button to break the windows.

    Powerful & Compact

    Made of premium quality aluminum-alloy shell on the outside, it is compact and powerful. The built-in high-pressure spring combined with the strong tungsten steel head makes sure that the windows are shattered quickly and easily!