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    Waterproof Sealant Mastic

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    Quickly seal all kinds of holes and gaps: RAT HOLE, CRACKS, PIPE HOLE, WALL HOLE.etc


    1.Reshape the clay can depend on the size of the hole/gap.

    2.Can be perfectly blended with the surface.

    3.Air-dry in only about 10 minutes.With a flame retardant, Waterproof.

    HIGHLY FLEXIBLE & DURABLE - Final membrane has over 1000% elongation preventing adhesion failure, and is UV Stable stopping the sun from degrading the product.


    Scope of application: wall grooves, air conditioning holes, body line gaps, etc.

    🌍Environmental protection materials, care for your health.


    Color: White
    Material: Rubber
    Scope of application:wall grooves, air conditioning holes, body line gaps,etc.
    Product Type: Sealant
    Weight :20g
    Package contains:1*Air conditioning hole sealant


    Q:Can this be used to seal around a heating pipe, or can you recommend something else?

    A:This is what the description for it says, "It expands to fill holes, cracks, gaps and voids around windows, doors, pipes, outlets, vents...", so I should think it would be fine although I'm not positive.